Monday, March 16, 2015

On the Fact that the Arctic Ice Sheet Has Decreased Slightly Since the Early 1980s

Don't people realize that these events are both normal and cyclical? I mean, just go back to 1906 when Amundsen was able traverse though the Northwest passage, or to 1944 when the St. Roch was able to do it, too....That, and I would also point out that Greenland was significantly warmer during the days of Eric the Red than it currently is, and that none of the supposedly vulnerable coastal regions were under water back then....The way that I see it, folks, everyone just needs to calm down and realize that, for the type of sea level rises that folks like the IPCC and Al Gore have been actually come true, the Antarctic ice sheet would have to melt and it hasn't for 15 MILLION (I refer you to the writings/lectures of geologist and paleoclimatologist, Don Easterbrook) years.

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