Monday, March 2, 2015

On Obama Referring to George Bush's Deficits as "Unpatriotic"

Yeah, I kinda agree. But what Mr. Obama refuses to mention here is that a) Bush had a Democratic Congress for those final two years (the Congress holding the purse-strings), b) the Wall Street bailout, which was one of the most pricey aspects of those deficits, was something that he as a Senator championed, and c) a fair number of his deficits were actually much larger than Bush's. I mean, I know that these politicians aren't very adept at context and all but this sucker has, "pot, kettle, black", written all over it.


dmarks said...

Yes, the Obama deficits have been significantly higher than the Bush ones.

Not only that, it is grossly responsible for their to be any deficits. Bush should not have had any. Nor should Obama.

Rational Nation USA said...

You can track the trend towards explosion in deficits and debt going back about 35 years.