Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On the Current Scrum in Iraq

What we essentially have is a battle between the Iranian-backed Shia forces and ISIS, and what the neocons have to realize is that one of them has to emerge (I do find it kind of amusing that this big, bad threat to American Democracy, ISIS, is presently on the receiving end and the talking-points have gone back to Iran being the great devil). Yeah, there might have been a third, somewhat more tolerable option early on in the form of Tariq Aziz or somebody similar (and there actually were people in the Bush administration whose concept of "regime change" was more along these lines and less along the lines of assuming the universality of American liberalism, capitalism, democracy, etc.), but that ship has sailed and it literally sickens me to hear neocon fools like Charles Krauthammer try and lay this totally on Obama's doorstep (not that his policies have been perfect, either, obviously). As for what we should be doing, how 'bout we simply let these two sets of bad actors kill each other for a wee-bit longer and monitor it (that, and knock off the closeness with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the U.A.E, Kuwait, etc.)? I mean, it's better than us diving in yet again, no?


Rational Nation USA said...

Thank Rumsfeld and Cheney for current realities... history will show.

dmarks said...

Thank Obama as much... has has run US foreign policy and made the choices there for as long as Bush has.