Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On How Some People Point to the Peculiar and/or Stupid Ways that Other Folks Spend Their Money and Parade this Around as Evidence that the Market Isn't "Perfect"

It's a total strawman in that nobody of a serious bent has ever said that the market was perfect, just that it was a better paradigm than the alternatives; fascism, socialism, and communism (the thought being that millions of individual and voluntary transactions/experiments are far more preferable and less catastrophic than some small cadre of massive ones that have been perpetrated by dullards such as Obama and Bush, their underlings, henchmen, etc.).......That, and who in the hell would want to live in a perfect world (defined by who?) anyway, for Christ?


Jerry Critter said...

I'd like to live in MY perfect world. After all, it would be perfect!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Jerry, I was watching some futurist on the Jimmy Kimmel Show once and he seemed to think that we will someday be able to swallow these little cameras and experience all sorts of virtual realities OF OUR CHOOSING. I personally cannot wait.

dmarks said...

Will said: "...and experience all sorts of virtual realities OF OUR CHOOSING"

Aren't there way too many doing this already, without the hardware?

Rational Nation USA said...

For sure the market isn't perfect, best system to date but it does need some rational tweaking. Best get started soon before it ultimately destroys itself.

BB-Idaho said...

A large part of the market is institutional investments these days and only about 50% of Americans have stocks or even
mutual funds. The idea that corporations rather bet on their
stock performance than deal with
banks for cash needs is attractive, but a bit confusing:
for example, say Company A receives x$$ on it's IPO, and y
% on its stock growth. Many of
those stocks resell with no benefit to Company A: under certain conditions, would they
have done better with a straight
up loan? The concept of buying
back stock to increase its value
reminds of robbing Peter to pay
Paul, IMO. I don't understand it
very well, just well enough to have done quite well. :)