Monday, March 30, 2015

On Leftist Dullards Like Joy Behar (Joy Behar LOL) Constantly Throwing Around the Term, "Climate Change Denier"

It's ludicrous. a) I don't know of a single reputable global warming skeptic who denies that the climate changes and that it's been doing so for over four and a half BILLION years and b) the vast percentage of these very same skeptics (80% would be my guess, with Weather Action's Piers Corbyn probably being the most prominent member of the minority) don't even deny that humans have played a role (through deforestation, carbon emissions, urbanization, etc.). The question has always been one of degree (most skeptics asserting that the planet has only warmed about .7 degrees Celsius and that man has probably contributed to less than half of that) and what, if anything (the vast, VAST, majority of folks who've looked at this have stated that adaptation would in fact be significantly cheaper and more effective - the fact that humans don't really control the climate and that there has never been an actual CO2 thermostat per se - than prevention) to do about it. I mean, I know that Behar is just as inept as a lot of the people who she criticizes (in this case, the admittedly doltish Ted Cruz) in terms of not addressing nuance and all but this situation was way over the top even for this nitwit.

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