Thursday, March 26, 2015

On those Dullards on Fox News's, "The Five", Cavalierly Talking About Bombing Iran Today

To say that these people are clueless doesn't even begin to touch it. I mean, do they actually think that Iran is just going to sit back and take it (an especially ludicrous notion in that we would probably have to hit them every two years or so)? That they wouldn't try and destabilize Afghanistan (by riling up the Persian speaking population there)? That they wouldn't try and destabilize Iraq even more so? That they wouldn't encourage and bankroll Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, etc. into attacking Israel? That they wouldn't attack OUR troops in the region? That they wouldn't fire off missiles into Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel? That they wouldn't try and shut down the Strait of Hormuz (where 90% of Persian Gulf oil goes through) and mine the hell out of that sucker? Look, I get it. They don't like Obama and that is fine (I'm not a fan myself). But the guy is trying and probably pursuing the best of a bunch of bad options. Cut him some slack, I say.


Rational Nation USA said...

There is only one word for these schmucks, I rarely use it but in this case it is certainly appropriate. Morons all.

dmarks said...

Will, what do you think of less "bomby" tactics to stymie the nuclear war efforts of the terrorists in Tehran?

Like this?


Also, consider that the terrorists in Iran already bankroll the groups you name into attacking Israel, including thousands & thousands of missiles fired with the intent of killing as many Israeli civilians as possible... all funded and encouraged by Iran.

Iran is already engaging in several of these entirely unjustified and illegitimate acts of war which you name.

Also, I cannot see it as any "preemptive" war if Israel fights back against a nation that has launched 11,000+ missiles into it through thinly-disguised (if at all) proxy.