Monday, May 5, 2014

On Roy Spencer and Michael Mann - Continued

a) If the idiot knew anything anything about research (and he apparently hasn't even taken an introductory class in statistics), he would known that it is never, EVER, allowable to combine various data sets - EVER, and when Michael Mann surreptitiously did so (his actions only having surfaced due to Climategate, a despicable series of emails that even George Monbiot had to admit were serious), the stooge was in fact committing an unpardonable sin. But alas the idiot is lacking.............b) And of course there are adjustments whenever a new technology is put forth. But to try and compare the open and aboveboard adjustments that professors Spencer and Christie have made to the absolutely despicable ones that Hansen (adjusting away the 34 year cooling trend from 1945 to 1979, lying about the warmest years on record in America, the utilization of contaminated land thermometers, etc.), Mann (completely doing away with the Medieval Warm Period and the Maunder Minimum), and Santer (chopping off the beginning - with high troposphere temps and end - with low troposphere temps of a key graph in order to exaggerate a warming trend) have engaged in is so far beyond reasonableness as to be utterly absurd.............c) When Mann initially came out with that hockey stick of his, there was not a single geologist or paleoclimatologist in all of North America that didn't laugh his or her damned ass off. The fact of the matter is that there is a plethora of proxy data from all over the planet which has consistently and categorically shown that the Medieval Warm Period (and the Little Ice Age) was not just a real phenomenon but that it was also a global one, AND that it was just as warm as today (warmer still in the Northern Hemisphere - the Vikings harvesting crops in Greenland, building cemeteries, etc.). These leftists say that they champion consensus. Well here it is for 'em, people; a great big fucking boatload of it.

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Might the ineducable finally have gotten the message?