Saturday, May 17, 2014

On the African National Congress

It was never an indigenous movement (much more of a Western construct) and it never had the full backing of the black South Africans. That, and the power that it did accrue was gained predominantly by violence (99.9% of its victims being fellow blacks; moderates and professionals, mostly), terror, and intimidation ("identify, defame, and destroy" - the tactic, according to Buthelezi). For folks to even attempt to imply that the actions of these people was in any way motivated by a desire to improve the lot of the citizens (as opposed to a bald-faced power-grab) is at the very minimum dubious.


dmarks said...

Will: The ANC fought for a socialist South Africa controlled by the USSR.

One need to look no further than Ethiopia after the Soviet-controlled socialist takeover to see how bloody the consequences of this would have been.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Yep, with Joe Slovo leading the way and with the U.S., England, and Australia enabling them. This, while the moderate Buthelezi was packing 70-80,000 into soccer stadiums and getting totally marginalized. Boy, did we aver eff this one up.