Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wives and Girl-friends, Part Two

But back to this whole blaming the murdered women shtick of yours, a couple of things. First of all, Bill, you DON'T in any way, shape, or form know these people. And what you actually DO claim to know, I'm saying, even that is apparently incorrect. Take this wrestler, for instance. From most of the accounts I've heard, the fellow was apparently decent. I mean, sure, in retrospect, the guy was a troubled individual. But as far being the type of guy who one could say with certitude was capable of murder, I really think that that's something you need to lay off of. Seriously, man..............And, yes, on a related issue, Bill, how the hell do you know that these women (the cop's girl-friend, in particular) DIDN'T try to extricate themselves? Maybe they called the police and the police didn't take them seriously (not, of course, that the cops would ever protect one of their own or anything). Maybe they tried to find alternative shelter and couldn't. I don't know. But that's the thing, neither do you, I'm saying. Hell, maybe the cop's girl-friend threatened to leave, and it was because of this that his threats to her increased. And was she even living with this guy at the time? I mean, O.J.'s ex-wife wasn't living with him. You see what I'm saying? You leave and you still get killed - which is itself in fact a common event. This, according to the experts, Bill.

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