Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hysteria, By the Bucket

I tell you, though, part of me is really starting to admire O'Reilly. I mean, think about it. He and his minions literally scour the countryside, looking for shit; straw-dogs/ situations that they can cite to as categorical proof of some "culture war". This latest example, I particularly love. It seems that the San Diego Padres (on the same day, apparently) sponsored both a "bat day" and a "gay pride day". I mean, talk about giving it to O'Reilly on a silver-platter here - homosexuals at the same locale as youngsters, intermingling with them, etc.. This, and the fact it was apparently a "Pearl Harbor" job.....on the parents, as well. How despicable - this, according to O'Reilly (the intermingling, in particular, I gather)..................But seriously, though, folks, apart from the somewhat impolitic nature of the Padres' action here, can we at least look at this situation somewhat logically? The fear is that, what, young people will see homosexuals in mass? That they will see them engage each other affectionately? Yeah? Well, first of all, folks, homosexuals are no more or less demonstrative than heterosexuals are (an important point in that the overt displays of affection are apparently what O'Reilly fears). And even when they do in fact display affection, what do you tell the kids? You tell the kids that they love each other - hello! Of course, the fact that homosexuality is largely innate (as opposed to it's being contagious, I'm saying), we probably shouldn't go off the deep-end by worrying about it, either, should we?...................Wow, huh, and it's the kids we've been worrying about.

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