Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Bad Idea, Gone Good

O'Reilly, right, he castigates Congressman Winn for advocating "going after the terrorists... wherever the terrorists are", including going after them in Pakistan. O'Reilly's point (and, yes, it was in fact a good point) was that going in to Pakistan without the permission (or even with it, in that President Musharraf's support is minimal) of the Pakistani government would likely produce many grave consequences; civil war, overthrow of the government, international condemnation, etc.. Things, in other words, that happened because of Iraq (not that he was drawing a comparison here - a Republican having been responsible for the latter).................Fair enough so far, right? A funny thing, though, in that within a couple of months of his having "nailed" the Congressman, President Bush himself basically said the same thing at a press briefing - that, if in fact we had hard-core intelligence of Osama bin Laden's location in Pakistan, the U.S. would definitely make every effort to pursue and, yes, kill him THERE!! Talk about an awkward situation, huh? Needless to say, there was nary a word from Bill O. on the President's having advocated this position - "it" evidently not being such a cockamamie idea....coming from him.

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