Friday, July 27, 2007

Internet Hall Monitor, Bill O'Reilly

There's this liberal (one might say ultra-liberal) web site, right, the Daily Kos. Apparently they have this format in which anybody can post a response to one of their stories/ editorials. And, yes, occasionally one of these respondents says something that one might consider inappropriate/ over-the-top. Of course, having such a format leaves them open to criticism by blow-hards such as O'Reilly, who somehow, in those little minds of theirs, are able to conflate the opinions of those fringe customers to those of the actual people who run the site.................I don't know. I guess I'm in a quandary here. Part of me thinks that those statements of a vile and incendiary nature probably SHOULD be deleted (if for no other reason that they give O'Reilly "ammo" for his own equally broad/ intolerant brush). Of course, when I start to get a little too close to that notion, so, too, do images of censorship, thought-policing, etc. start to emerge. I mean, it's bad enough that O'Reilly himself stifles debate through intimidation, the diminution of his "adversaries", and more-so. We certainly don't need others doing it, too.................Hey, speaking of hateful rhetoric, did you hear how, in reference to moderate Republican Lincoln Chaffee, Ann Coulter said, "hmmm, looks like they assassinated the wrong Lincoln."? Apparently, O'Reilly hasn't. "Assassinated", she goes!!

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