Friday, July 6, 2007

Exception to the Rule, Ruler Makes the Exception

O'Reilly, though, so transparent. He's going off on the government, right; "the government can't do anything right, it's so damned inefficient, etc." (fair enough points, granted). But then, of course, he's got to make his special little caveat for defense; "except for the military."..............HIS SACRED COW, in other words. I mean, I don't know, did I miss something here? Have not government watch-dog groups repeatedly cited the military for wasteful spending; the $600 hammers, the $1200 toilet seats, etc.? And, damn, too, what about the eight BILLION dollars that the Pentagon can't even account for in that putrid little fiasco called Iraq? Yeah, Iraq, I'm saying, yet another marvel of military efficiency.............Seriously, though, O'Reilly, he's really got to read Eisenhower's speech on the Military Industrial Complex. Of course, we're probably going to have to tell him that Eisenhower was a Republican - first and foremost - just to get him to listen, huh?

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