Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Challenging the Challenger, but Listening to Him, too

Alright, here's just one example of a Michael Moore-ism. When asked to explain the longer waits for treatments/ appointments/ procedures in Canada, he proceeds to mention the fact that everybody's covered in Canada. This, he compares to the United States, where 47 million people are not covered and, hence, don't even bother to get in line.................A good argument, I initially thought, but, wait a minute here. Is he saying that none of these 47 million ever seek medical help - in the emergency room, clinics, etc.? And what about the fact that the United States has three times as many people as Canada? Would not Canada's lesser population make for a smoother and faster running system? I mean, sure, we probably have a lot more doctors than Canada, too, but, really, I'm kind of thinking that those long lines to the north have more than "universal" coverage to blame for them..................And, no, I'm not saying we shouldn't have universal coverage, not that we shouldn't even have a "single-payer" system, for Christ! All I'm saying is that we really ought to look at ALL available evidence, objectively, before we take a full-blown leap of faith into anything as drastic as this. This, though, I must insist again, at least this guy is talking about something important and, as opposed to FOX, shows a basic concern for working poor.

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