Sunday, July 29, 2007

Null Hypothesis

Gee, Bill, that's impressive. You say you can come up with 30 examples of "hate speech" (as defined by you, of course) off the Daily Kos? Thirty.....out of, what is it now(?), oh yeah, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POSTINGS OVER THE YEARS!!!...................Seriously,. though, dude, you really need to take a basic statistics course or something here - this, I'm saying, BEFORE you open your trap to propose such stupidity. I mean, think about it - as opposed to making the other side's argument for them, leading with your face, etc..................And, besides, you should really think about cleaning up your own little web-site first, before you cast dispersions. Hey, do you really ask for people's credit card numbers, prior to letting them post? That's kind of creepy, dude - that, and the whole FOX security, too, I'm saying.

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