Sunday, July 15, 2007

One Punch, Two Knockouts

The competition, though, Bill, it just can't seem to win, now can it? Take, for instance, the recent piece that CNN did on Michael Moore's new movie, "Sicko". It was in fact a very critical expose' that seriously challenged Moore on a number of facts/ underlying assumptions - a piece, in other words, that clearly didn't fit that "the mainstream media is nothing but a mouth-piece of the left" mantra of yours...............Of course, instead of applauding CNN, the only thing you could focus on was Michael Moore's irrational (your definition, not necessarily mine) reaction to the piece. That, and, obviously, you couldn't stop yourself from putting a paranoid little twist on the situation, (I'm paraphrasing) "Moore was shocked when somebody from the left would be critical of him." It's like, talk about having your cake and eating it, too - being able to denigrate Michael Moore while, at the same time, belittling the competition. Wow! I mean, it's almost as if you're a frigging genius, at times - never be minding the paranoia even.

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