Monday, July 2, 2007

Softball on "Hardball"

I get a kick out of Ann Coulter, too, though. When asked recently about the Vice President's current efforts to avoid being subpoenaed by Congress (his claim, I gather, is that he himself is a separate branch of government and is thus entitled to some unique form of immunity.....or something creative along these lines), she proceeded to put forth some sort of intellectual caveat (yes, perhaps for the first time in her life, I'm saying); saying in essence that this was a complicated case to which she couldn't litigate on television...............Wow, huh? That's pretty incredible, don't you think? - this, from a woman who every time I've seen her is MORE than willing to cast not only an opinion but a sweeping/ categorical statement on societal/ geopolitical issues far, far more complex than the VP's current political predicament. I mean, during this one interview alone, she broad-brushed all trial attorneys as shysters whose only tool is junk science and whose only goal is to bankrupt doctors (lawyers-bad, doctors-good, sweeping enough?)...............Hmmm, I'm wondering, could it be as simple as Cheney NOT being on her radar screen, his situation (being that it can't be wedged into her delusional dichotomies of good/ evil, what she can/ cannot exploit, etc.) simply not being of interest to her? She didn't think about it , in other words!!! Oh well, whatever, in that, yeah, it was kind of nice to see her at a loss for words for once...............P.S. Yeah, we probably do need some tort reform. All I'm saying in that this, unlike the Cheney bull-crap, actually IS a complicated issue, never be minding her hackneyed solutions to it.

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