Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Old Style Conservatives, Need Not Apply

I must admit, though, that John Kasich (another of O'Reilly's substitutes), even though he, too, is a conservative Republican, hasn't nearly shown the same level of blind partisanship. He's questioned, for instance (far more-so in fact that O'Reilly), the wisdom of our being in Iraq, our attempting to ameliorate what are clearly ancient rivalries, etc.. Of course, it's probably because of this Murtha-like analysis that we haven't been seeing him lately. This, in that Heaven forbid, I'm saying, a traditional conservative be featured, absent the "balance" of a lunatic neocon to challenge him. I mean, it's just not going to happen - middle of the week in prime-time, O'Reilly's slot, especially - I'm telling you!

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