Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On Environmental Nut-Job, Bill McKibben, Uttering this in 1989 -

"The choice of doing nothing - of continuing to burn ever more coal and oil - is not a choice.......It will lead us, if not straight to hell, then straight to a place with a similar temperature.......A few more decades of ungoverned fossil fuel use (and, again, this is 1989) and we burn up, to put it bluntly."............In any other field of endeavor, an individual who is this wrong would have been drummed out of the profession. But because this is environmentalism, a field that has gotten so infused with big money politics and in which the bureaucracy literally feeds off itself (entire government agencies and university departments having since been established), people like McKibben, Hanson, Ehrlich, etc. are not only allowed to spout their bullshit but encouraged to. How fucked is that?

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