Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On Chris Christie Asserting that a Larger Military Will Make Us Less Vulnerable to Terrorism

What is this guy smoking (the fact that we already have one of the most powerful militaries in world history, spend more that the next 14 nation-states combined, etc.)? And does he really think that some crazy-assed loner is going to be deterred by a couple of extra divisions, battleships, etc.? "Cause if he does, then he's insane.

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dmarks said...

Technically he is right. If we "surge" the world we will get rid of terrorism.

But doing so would probably require 400 million US troops with "boots on the ground" and an Air Force large enough to leave a shadow over an area as large as Brazil when in flight.

Might as well build a Death Star or two while he's at it. Godspeed, Grand Moff Christie. Godspeed.