Friday, July 3, 2015

On People Who Refer to Themselves as "Ancient Astronaut Theorists"

I believe that there's medication for that now.

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dmarks said...

I remember being young and impressionable when the big von Däniken theories were all the rage. And my young and impressionable mind was quickly bedazzled by them, and it equally as quickly cut them to ribbons with reason, knowledge, and skepticism.

The pop cultural influences of this are found everywhere... including Battlestar Galactica, originally a Mormon myth from the 1960s which was hurriedly rebaked to cash in on Star Wars... and purported to be the origin of all the ancient astronauts myth.

The remake of "Battlestar" a few years ago was a very intelligent program. There are few better that have ever aired, and it was largely an allegory of situations during the Iraq War.

And this remake series concluded with the crew of the battlestar indeed becoming our "ancient astronauts" ancestors.