Monday, July 27, 2015

Straight from the Zhukov Plan (the Russian Plan - Tabled Once the Germans Invaded Them - to Attack Not Just Germany but All of Europe Late in 1941)

"In order to prevent a surprise German attack and to destroy the German Army, I consider it essential that under no circumstances should the initiative for freedom of action be given to the German High Command. I consider it essential to preempt enemy deployment, to attack the German Army when it is still in the stage of deployment and has not yet had time to organize his front and the interaction between his service arms (the word, "preempt", having been underlined twice in the original document)." Signed by the People's Defense Minister, S.K. Timoshenko, and General Zhukov himself............Needless to say, the court historians are ignoring/burying this evidence because it destroys their narrative (i.e., that Stalin was far too trusting of Hitler and wasn't in any way considering an attack of his own - never mind the fact that he had already attacked Poland, Finland, Romania, the Baltic states, starved the lights out in Ukraine, etc.). But that's OK in that we now have a myriad of other, braver, historians such as Viktor Suvorov, Joachim Hoffman, Klaus Hildebrand, Martin Van Creveld, Wolfgang Strauss, and others, and a bigger picture can be ascertained if in fact you desire it. 

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