Tuesday, July 21, 2015

On the Fact that al Qaeda In Iraq Didn't Even Exist Until the Tail-End of 2004

Robert Higgs makes a wonderful point about the statists (neocons, progressives, etc.); the fact that these folks always, ALWAYS (in their analysis) tend to truncate the antecedents. Take, for example, the neocons and Iraq. They bend over backwards trying to blame Obama (who, yes, has made his own mistakes in foreign policy; in Libya, for example) for the crappy situation there by saying that he took the soldiers out prematurely, but they never once acknowledge the fact that it was George Bush who not only signed the status of forces agreement which mandated our withdrawal but whose invasion it was that quite literally laid the groundwork for this craziness....Of course, even if they did acknowledge some of this stuff, "ancient history" is probably what they'd call it and damned if that wouldn't be frustrating as well.

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