Saturday, July 11, 2015

On the Brain-Diseased Notion that One Person Getting Wealthier Means that Another Person Has to Get Poorer (that the Economy is Some Sort of Fixed Pie that We All Have to Scramble to to Get Our Scraps)

Nobody got poorer from Cornelius Vanderbilt, or from Bill Gates. These people created massive numbers of jobs, much needed goods and services, and actually increased the standard of living for most citizens (Vanderbilt reduced the cost of steam travel by nearly 90%, for example). I mean, yeah, they did great as well but I gotta tell you here. If it ever gets to the point in this country where doing great turns you into a pariah, then we are fucked...........................................................................................P.S. And I also have to point out here the staggering level of philanthropy that many of these men have engaged in; Andrew Melon with the National Gallery of Art, Carnegie Melon University, etc., the Rockefellers and their foundation,Walter Annenberg and the numerous projects that he started, and and of course Gates....Hell, even Vanderbilt who was considered somewhat of a tight-wad with his own money gave us Vanderbilt University. What have Sanders, Warren, Obama, etc. given us?

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dmarks said...

Analogy: two people, each with enough stuff to make a nice apple pie, and an oven.

Person 1 bakes a pie.

Person 2 doesn't both to bake the pie. He plays videogames instead.

Person 1 has a nice pie to eat. Yum. Person 2 doesn't since he never bothered to make the pie. He's getting kind of hungry, and angry.

Your "brain diseased" person would claim that Person 1 is starving Person 2. And based on this, Person 1 has "stolen" his pie from Person 2. The government forces Person 1 to turn over most of the pie to the government. The government eats most of it (a la mode), and gives a thin slice to Person 2.

How do you like them apples, Will?