Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On the Fact that You Can Question the French Revolution, the American Civil War, Apartheid and the ANC (Australian Labor Party Politician, Kim Beazley, Being One of the Earliest Critics), FDR's Policies and the Great Depression, Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and Pretty Much Every Other Episode from History but if You so Much as Question Even One Aspect of the Holocaust (and What's with this Whole Trademarking the Word Bullshit?) You End Up Getting Thrown in Jail in Over a Dozen Countries

Wow, you'd think that the whole post-war political system would collapse or something.......What's that?...It would?


dmarks said...

Maybe it comes from the fact that the Holocaust reduction/denial theories are so readily written, embraced, and trumpeted by outright "It didn't happen, but it should have" antisemites, Neo-Nazis, Pat Buchanan, and Islamists?

You've taken care to present this without a whiff of antisemitism, Will. But I have to say that this is the only time I've encountered "questioning the Holocaust" that didn't have this stench.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'm actually a Zionist.......As for the Holocaust, yes, Jews were definitely rounded up and made to work (which itself is a huge war crime) but based upon the research that I've done; examining the encripted codes, the garrison and commandant orders, the official Auschwitz records, the Red Cross records, the fact that the Red Cross was given total access to the camps, the chemical analysis of the gas chambers, the whole Treblinka narrative that makes no sense, the amount of coke that was purchased at Auschwitz, the aerial photography, the fantastical testimony of the survivors, etc., I've concluded that nowhere near 6 million Jews were exterminated. I mean, I know that that's not a popular conclusion but to me Stalin was the real butcher and the person who we should have focused upon.

Rusty Shackelford said...

If it wasn't six million how many was it? What's an acceptable number one million?Two million?

BB-Idaho said...

Pew Research Center reports the 1939 Jewish population in Eastern Europe at 4.7 million; at war's end the population was 859,000. In the USSR, the Jewish population declined from 3.4 million to 1.4 million. (most of those were lost in
the Ukraine, where locals joined the Einsatzgruppen in the eradication) Six million went someplace,
obviously. Not Israel, which had only 500,000 at war's end. Nor would any country
take them, although by 1939, the Nazis refused exit visas. Apparently the couple
of US GIs that I knew that liberated camps were totally fooled? Agreed, Stalin
was a butcher, but IMO, Hitler's 'Final Solution' was so efficient that cattle trains of humans had priority over military transport