Saturday, July 4, 2015

On Queen Elizabeth the First, King James the Second, King Charles the First, and Finally Oliver Cromwell

I'll take "16th and 17th Century Sociopathic English Rulers Who Perpetrated Some of the Worst Acts of Ethnic-Cleansing, Enslavement, and Genocide (of the Scotch and Irish) in All of Human History", for a Thousand, Alex.


dmarks said...
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dmarks said...
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BB-Idaho said...

We note that the taking and selling of Irish and Scottish pre-dates the mentioned
royalty. In the Dark Ages, it was common for the Vikings to trade in these slaves
with Spain as well as their Volga River route to Byzantium; there were probably
Mary O'Reilly's populating the ubiquitous harems of the late first millennium Mediterranean lands. (as well as some MacGregors serving as eunuchs)
--the business of slavery had continued from Roman times and prior to the Vikings,
the Franks and Goths rounded up survivors after battles and raids. So that in the
late 500s AD, their sale in the streets caught the attention of Pope Gregory:
"A new lot of captives had come that day, sent down from Britain. They were of the race called Angles, from whom England got its first name of Angle-land. They came from the western part of Yorkshire which was then called Deira. Their yellow hair and fair skin pleased the eyes of Gregory, and he stopped to question them.
"Whence do you come?" he said. "We are Angles," they replied, "from the kingdom of Deira. "God be gracious to you, my children," said the abbot. "You are Angles? You are as fair as angels." There is evidence that the practice of slavery dates to the
mists of of the middle Paleolithic era, so we can point fingers just about anywhere.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Yes! The documentary that I watched did mention those Vikings. That, and in more recent times, Arab slave ships went up the entire European coast (all the way to Iceland) snapping up folks and I'm sure theta the Irish were easy pickens for them, too.