Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Wars that Make Me the Sickest?

As bad as the Mexican-American War, the Vietnam War, and World War 1 were, the two most disgusting in my opinion were the Civil War (AKA, the War for Southern Independence) and World War 2, in that it was in response to these two wars that we MOST (in collaboration with the Brits and Russians in World War 2) a) glorified ourselves (whitewashing that fact that we murdered civilians, set up concentration camps of our own, refused to let the Red Cross inspect our prisoner of war camps, participated in Operation Keelhaul, extracted confessions via torture, shut down newspapers, deported a Congressman, jailed dissenters, etc.) and b) vilified the vanquished. I mean, I know that the truth is always the first victim in any war but it also appears that the greater the damage the greater the lies. 

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