Saturday, July 11, 2015

On the Auschwitz Poison-Gas Narrative - Part One

a) "Not one case of poison gas was found." Dr. Charles Larson, pathologist from the Judge Advocate General's Office (this, after thousands of autopsies were performed).............b) "Most deaths in the concentration camps were caused not by starvation or maltreatment but by typhus." Dr. John E. Gordon, Harvard University.............c) The International Red Cross was given complete and unfettered access to all of the German concentration camps (the Russian gulags - not so much), often delivering food to the prisoners, and never once reported on a single war crime.............d) The quantity of coke that would have been necessary to cremate 1.2 MILLION bodies (the alleged statistic for Auschwitz) would have been in the tens of thousands of tons.............e) The actual amount of coke that was delivered to Auschwitz/Birkenau (from the official camp records that have been uncovered by researcher, Carlo Mattogno, and verified through aerial photos) was less than 700 tons. You do the math.............f) According to the actual Auschwitz records (uncovered by Carlo Mottogno while at the Russian archives), 1) the total number of Jews in Auschwitz from 1941 to 1944 was 173,000, 2) the total Jewish deaths from typhus was 58,240, 3) the  total Jewish deaths from other natural causes - 2,064, 4) total number of Jews transferred out of Auschwitz was 100,743, 5) the total number of Jews executed was 117 (the Poles fared significantly worse in that 1,485 of those folks were killed), and 6) the total number of Jewish inmates remaining at Auschwitz at the end of 1944 was 11,836 (yes, many of which were old and/or sick and may have died in the ensuing months).............g) The British were eventually able to crack the German code and listen to all camp communications (including a daily inmate report) and according to British historian, Frank Hinsley, the vast, Vast, VAST, percentage of deaths (at Auschwitz and the other camps) were caused by typhus and other natural causes (can you say incessant Allied bombing?). Yes, there were shootings and hangings that were also conveyed (and, yes, these acts are most assuredly war crimes) but nowhere in any of these top-secret communications was there a single, solitary, mention of gassings (never mind, flaming pits, air hammers, electric conveyor belts, etc.). Zero. Nada.............h) And nowhere in his volume, "Night", does Elie Wiesel ever mention the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz, either (mentioning instead flaming pits).............i) It is now generally acknowledged that the confession of Rudolf Hoess (the Auschwirz commandant) was arrived at through torture....What, we suddenly condone torture now?............j) At the end of the war when the Auschwitz survivors were given a choice between heading west with the Nazis or staying behind to get "liberated" by the Red army, most of them opted to travel with their captors. Wise choice, I say.............k) Chemical analysis of the alleged gas-chamber walls has shown no significant cyanide residue and there is no Prussian blue staining anywhere (as opposed to the delousing chambers which had a tremendous amount of both).............l) There was no heating system in the alleged gas chambers which would have made activating the cyanide pellets very difficult.............m) There was no ventilation system and so the process would have probably killed off Germans as well.............n) Hundreds of aerial photos of Auschwitz exist and in none of them is any suspicious activity (lines of folks waiting to get gassed, huge piles of coke, etc.) seen.............o) The initial narrative was that gas chambers existed in all of the camps but now that we know that they didn't exist in Germany the only part of the story remaining resides in Poland (which just happened to be liberated by the Russians who never lie of course - the Katyn Forest massacre aside). How convenient.

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