Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On the United Mines Workers Union Versus the the Sierra Club and Other Such Radical Environmental Groups

What to do if you're a leftist? My suspicion is that they'll probably sit this one out (or possibly change the subject; you know, to racism, sexism, income inequality, etc.).


dmarks said...

At least the Sierra Club legitimately represents its members interest. The club know as the United Mine Workers does not: most of its members are in, and paying dues, against their will.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Fair points. I just happen to have a major problem with these radical environmental groups who don't seem to give a damn that over a billion people on this planet don't have either electricity or running water and who are dying by the minute from malaria, malnutrition, etc..

dmarks said...

Yes, i understand. I was just making the point about the UMW being at least twice as powerful than I should actually be, due to forced membership.

When I argue in favor of worker choice in union membership, I often do use the Sierra Club as an example of contrast.