Friday, July 31, 2015

On Teddy Roosevelt and Mount Rushmore

I would personally sandblast him off of it if they let me (racist and statist imperialists having no place on anybody's pantheon).


dmarks said...

The Sioux of the area are very critical of the Mt Rushmore carvings being there at all. Stolen land and all that. But they are by and large hypocrites, since this is not some ancient sacred place of the Sioux.

The Sioux stole it from the Kiowa and the Crow in recent history.

I'd put more stock in what the Kiowa and the Crow people say about Mt Rushmore from a moral standpoint, regardless of what the treaty says.

dmarks said...

Would you say that he is one of those Presidents, like the Democrats' beloved Andrew Jackson, who took the country in a much worse direction?

BB-Idaho said...

Rushmore is hardly a destination. But many tourists and tours stop by there. Been
there twice myself and was impressed with the large number of foreigners that visit.
Interestingly there is no charge, except for parking. According to 'Silent Cal',
"he called it “decidedly American in its conception, in its magnitude, in its meaning, and altogether worthy of our Country.” The rationale for the choice of
those four presidents is said to be-
"..are intended to represent the first 150 years of American history. Washington symbolizes our nation’s birth; Jefferson stands for our domestic expansion by way of the Louisiana Purchase; Lincoln embodies America’s preservation through the outcome of the Civil War; and Teddy Roosevelt depicts ongoing international development via the Panama Canal." However, should you manage to blank out Teddy,
there is a fellow named Trump who lusts after a 60 likeness of himself and his hair
out there in the granite of the Black Hills. :)

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I would, dmarks. The man quite literally worshiped war and his conservationism actually made the environment worse.......I have a different idea for Trump, BB; Mount Flushmore!