Friday, September 21, 2007

Two-Sided Coins Aplenty

Have you noticed, though, how pro-war advocates have a tendency to speak out of both sides of their mouths? Take this whole Al Qaeda in Iraq situation. On the one hand, they try to sell (as a measure of success, mind you) the fact that the Sunni militias have turned AGAINST Al Qaeda, have rendered them impotent "in-country", etc.. Al Qaeda's been defeated, in other words........................Of course, on the other hand, they constantly warn us that, if in fact we ever leave Iraq, it will inevitably become a safe-have FOR Al Qaeda. It's like, what, after WE leave, the Sunni militias are going to start getting warm feelings for these bastards? But even if they did, I'm saying, do you ever think that the dominant Shia majority would ever let such a hyper-Sunni group flourish in it's setting, unencumbered? I mean, it's like I said before folks, Shiite-controlled Iran, prior to this debacle, hated the Taliban and helped us FIGHT the terrorists in Afghanistan. Ha, not that any of these facts are ever put into the war monger's calculations, mind you.

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