Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Selective Supporting of the Troops

I just love all this outrage I've been hearing over the "sliming" of General Petreaus, the Move-On.Org print-ad in the New York Times, etc.. This, I'm saying, in that, yeah, while it may have been a tad over-the-top to insinuate that the General was going to be deceptive when he testified, I still couldn't help but want to ask Sean Hannity, O'reilly, etc., "where in fact WERE YOU BASTARDS when Max Cleland (a man who lost both of his legs in Vietnam, mind you) was being slimed, unmercifully, in Georgia?" I mean, seriously, are these guys so beyond the pail in terms of partisanship that they'll frigging turn the other cheek when a Democratic war-hero gets savaged, ravaged, and torn? Christ, I'm saying, that's what it appears to be - to me, at least.......................And, really, wasn't it President Bush who started this whole fiasco by inserting the General INTO politics? I mean, how frigging deplorable is that? Of course, the fact that this whole Petreaus report seems to have come directly out of the President's White House spin-machine (tinkering with the definition of what constitutes a civilian death, for example), oh hell, maybe we are being "betrayed", for Christ.

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