Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One Man's Poison, I Gather

I love O'Reilly's excuse for covering people like Rosie O'Donnell, Sean Penn, the myriad of retarded rappers he constantly lambastes, etc.. It's because, he says, of the fact that what they say, the idiocy that they utter (and, yes, a lot of it truly is QUITE idiotic; 9/11 conspiracy theories/crap, compliments for Hugo Chavez, etc.), because of their notoriety, finds it's way into the culture. And, yes, because of this, these dangerous people need to be countered, absolutely. Ergo, coverage.........................Wow, huh? I mean, talk about some conspiracy bull-shit here. It's like, first of all, anybody who does in fact get their wisdom from THESE jerks probably is shooting some blanks themselves. How many of them even vote?, I'm wondering. But even if we concede that some of this stuff does get "into the culture", couldn't we also conclude that a lot of other stuff, far more meaningful and influential, also finds it's way there, too?..........................Take, for instance, "greeted as liberators". Didn't that find it's way into the culture, too. Oh, and, yeah, what about "cake-walk", "slam-dunk", "mission accomplished", "the insurgency's in it's last throws", etc., couldn't we just as readily say that these little gems, uttered by far more powerful figures in society, have as well poisoned the culture? I mean, I'd probably say that they have. You?

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