Friday, September 7, 2007

The Essence of Why You're Hated, Bill

Of course, so, too, is O'Reilly nonsensical at times. For example, he constantly refers to David Letterman as a liberal, a member of the "far-left" entertainment establishment, etc. (this no doubt as a result of the beat-down he received from Mr. Letterman on "The Late Show"). He then, though, several months later, bitches and moans when Senator McCain goes on "The Late Show" and gets NOT a grilling, mind you, but respectful treatment from Mr. Letterman. Majorly perplexed he was in fact. Hmm, could it be, I'm wondering, as simple as David Letterman not being the doctrinaire lackey that O'Reilly has consistently portrayed him to be (and that O'Reilly himself ever so plainly is)? THAT, me-buckos, is what I'm thinking the situation clearly is; Bill O'Reilly being paranoid, a lunatic, an imbecile, etc..

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