Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Thick Undercoat of Stupidity

The thing is, though, if O'Reilly's going to be going around justifying Bush's actions like this, he should at least get on the same page with the fellow. Take, for instance, the firing of those eight U.S. attorneys. In his justification for why Carol Lam should have been fired, he pointed to her supposed reluctance to prosecute illegal-aliens for drug crimes (or something like that).......................A topic, in other words, that isn't even on President Bush's agenda (illegal immigration, the only topic I can think of that O'Reilly has vociferously challenged the President on). Of course, if O'Reilly had in fact stated the real reasoning for her firing; the fact that she wasn't partisan enough in her political prosecutions, that, clearly, would have hurt the President - something he's apparently unwilling to do at any cost, the S.O.B..

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