Monday, September 10, 2007

Freaks and Cynicism, O'Reilly Style

Don't you just hate the way O'Reilly constantly tries to equate freakazoids like Rosie O'Donnell and Tim Robbins with other, more legitimate voices such as Jack Murtha? I mean, sure, Murtha's clearly had his issues over the years with ABSCAM, etc. but, really, this is a man that, in addition to being a war-hero himself, has for many years been a strong supporter of the military. And O'Reilly, paranoia aside, KNOWS THIS - or at least he should........................Of course, none of this stops him from going around playing "gotcha" with these idiotic Hollywoodites or, in as cynical a move as humanly feasible, plastering their idiocy as somehow synonymous with mainstream Democrats. So much so he blurs the lines, I'm saying, that Jack Murtha is now a member of the American "far-left", apparently. I mean, talk about an absolutely ridiculous analogy to try and perpetrate on the folks. And he does it all the time, I swear. Just watch.

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