Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rappers Don't Even Watch His Show, For Christ!!

He's at it again, folks. The latest? Some douche on the Bill Maher show, right, he puts forth some wacky claim that it wasn't Al Qaeda....but the U.S. government that brought down the World Trade Center. The usual/prototypical conspiracy theory bull-shit, in other words. And, yes, I'm telling you also here folks, it was SO obvious that this guy (some nit-witted rapper, I'm thinking he was) was, in fact, a total fruit-cake....even a child would have been able to sniff it out........................But, no, O'Reilly, yet again, has to go out of his way to elevate such a person, add him to the list of "far-left" lunatics trying to overthrow the country, etc.. It's like, look, I don't mind exposing these ludicrous members of what is obviously the lunatic fringe of society. Hell, I even love to make fun of them myself. I'm just getting a little tired of having O'Reilly trying to pin the frigging "liberal" on them, him thinking that anybody with an I.Q. over 85 would even own such stupidity, etc..

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