Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reactions to the Paul Interview

The thing is, Bill, you kind of DO need a history lesson. And, no, I'm not just talking about how our country deposed the legitimate Iranian government 50 years ago, installed the cruelmeister Shah in it's place, etc. (though, yes, that probably did set the whole mess in motion). I'm talking about more recent history, bro. For example, you're apparently unaware that the Iranians helped us during the early stages of the Afghan war, that they in fact had had just as much, if not more, animosity toward the Taliban as we........................Neither, evidently, have you made any connection between Bush's idiotic pronouncement....that this same Iran (right after they had helped us in Afghanistan, mind you) happened to be a member of the "Axis of Evil" and the Iranian's recent turn toward hyper-radicalism (that douche bag's election, specifically). It's like, what, you think that they'd be happy (the people of Iran, especially), hearing that their country is an evil one? And, yes, the country's pride in the nuclear program - that's all a part of it, too, Bill.......................Look, I'm not saying that Iran isn't a problem. Clearly, it is. I'm just thinking that maybe (and, no, I'm not saying that America is a bad country, America is always wrong, etc.) our policies over the years have at least been a contributing factor over there. I mean, it's just like Congressman Paul told you, Bill, there's almost always a negative "blow-back" to bone-headed policies - historically speaking I'm saying.

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