Thursday, September 6, 2007

Old/Young Soldiers Die Hard

So, Bill, you want to know why NBC isn't running that "let's stay in Iraq until we get the job done" advertisement? It's actually pretty simple, bro. They, as opposed to you, recognize it as a piece of war-mongering propaganda that's basically filled with lies. For instance, the ad completely overstates the "progress" that's being made over there - ignoring, in so doing, the TOTAL lack of political reconciliation and claiming AS success peace in those areas of the country where ethnic cleansing has in fact settled things already.........................Of course, the biggest/baldest lie is the idiotic claim that THEY (i.e., the terrorists in Iraq, who never resided there prior to our invading it) attacked us. Oh, wait a minute, maybe they aren't lying. Perhaps these former soldiers are part of that 40% of the American public who actually DO believe that Iraq attacked us on 9/11 - a fact that makes them too stupid to be listened to in any event. Seriously, I'm saying.......................And as for all this "our freedom's at stake" nonsense, please, give me a break. Our being over there in large numbers, in perpetuity - THAT is as great a risk to our freedoms as anything those terrorists in Iraq that, yes, we're leaving ourselves vulnerable 1) by wasting time (not to mention the vigor of our army) refereeing a fabricated country's naturally occurring internal strife and 2)by creating bushel-loads of people who, I'm tellin' ya', are going to make Osama bin Laden look like Jethro, only why they're not running the ad, Bill.

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