Saturday, June 23, 2012

Note to Rachel Maddow 2

Dude, I have a suggestion for you. The next time that you do one of your "infrastructure spending is the greatest thing since sliced bread" propaganda promos, instead of standing in front of the Hoover Dam (ya' notice how I said, Hoover Dam, and not FDR Dam?) or something decent like that, you stand in front of one of those highways to nowhere that Senator Byrd or Senator Stevens ripped off the United States taxpayer for. You know, for a little additional context and perspective.


dmarks said...

Infrastructure spending is fine as long as 'prevailing wage' and Davis-Bacon are ignored/abolished/bypassed and contracts are instead provided at the fair real-market vlue. Otherwise it becomes a welfare program of handouts with shoddily-built projects... and lots of corruption.

w-dervish said...

The prevailing wage IS the fair real-market value. That's why it's "prevailing". Duh.

Also, it's low wages that leads to shoddily-built projects. Workers know they're being underpaid and they resent it... and they won't do as good a job.

I don't know what universe dmarks lives in where paying people less causes them to work harder. It's not this universe, that's for sure.

dmarks said...

No it isn't. It is set by outsiders who don't know what they are talking about.

It's not "prevailing". It is calculated and mandated.

The fair, real market value is one determined directly by trying to find the best bidder.

"Workers know they're being underpaid and they resent it.."

Translation: some who are paid fairly do a crappy job. Simple solution: fire them and blackball them.

dmarks said...

Anyway, it's clear that WD is interested in giving unearned handouts to public "servants" and protecting those who do a lousy job of it.