Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ready, Aim, Condemn!!

Yes, folks, that incident between Israel and the flotilla yesterday was tragic. And, yes, folks, the fact that this incident took place in international waters provides additional pause. But, please, PLEASE, can we at least have a modicum of perspective here?..................................................................................................1) The only reason that Israel (replete with assistance from Egypt) has a blockade at all is because the murderous and wretched Hamas (which, yes, folks, continues to have the destruction of Israel in its charter) was constantly importing arms, launching thousands of rocket attacks, etc.. 2) Humanitarian supplies ARE getting in - overland and via the inspected vessels. 3) The flotilla was repeatedly asked to stand down for inspection and each time it refused. 4) Immediately upon boarding the ship, the soldiers (initially armed with nothing but paint-ball guns) were viciously attacked with knives, clubs, and baseball bats - and only then did they respond. 5) Greta Berlin, the organizer of this "relief effort" - even she admitted that the true goal of this operation was to break apart the blockade/that the humanitarian component of it was a total ruse.................................................................................................I mean, sure, I know that it's totally in vogue to be anti the state of Israel these days and all (and, yes, to believe as gospel the propaganda of people such as Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky) but, seriously, do we 1) have to totally ignore each and every mitigating factor and 2) constantly put forth these stories in such an inflammatory and disgusting way (Israel confiscates wheelchairs, infant formula, WHATEVER)? I don't know, it certainly doesn't seem all that helpful to me.


Beach Bum said...

I have to be very careful how I phrase this or heaven forbid I will be called anti-Israel but this eye-for-an-eye shit has to come to an end sometime.

Yeah, having rockets land in your neighborhood killing children is evil and the people who do it should be hunted down and killed but Israel's actions are often heavy handed and just as wrong sometimes and only promote even more hatred.

No, I do not have any answers only that this situation could truly bring about Armageddon.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'd like to tell them ALL to knock it off, double b. I really would. I'm just not exactly sure what Israel is suposed to do here. I mean, sure, maybe they could curl up in a fetal position and just absorb for a while. Maybe that would shift world opinion for a while. I'm not entirely sure that it would work for 'em. But, clearly, what they're doing now isn't working, either. I, like you, don't have a lot of good answers......P.S. I strongly support a 2-state solution (a 1-state solution would eventually lead to second holocaust, I fear), btw - much along the lines of what President Clinton hammered out (bravely and brilliantly, in my opinion) in 2000. I'm just not sure that the murderous Hamas would ever, EVER, agree to it.

Beach Bum said...

That cockroach Arafat, may he roast in Hell, really screwed his people when he turned down the peace agreement Clinton and the Israeli PM at that time hammered out.

As far as the two state solution is concerned Israel has already "settled" the West Bank to the point that has been eliminated.

But like I think you may have already mentioned about the "Second Holocaust" check out the birthrates of the Jewish population of Israel and compare it to that of Israeli citizens of Arab decent. What’s the old saying: "the hands that rock the cradle rule the world." Or in this case come to outnumber the current ruling majority.

Back to the Israeli attack on the flotilla, their commandos are the best in the world and could have easily taken those ships without firing a shot. This was a over reaction and if the Turks send some of their naval assets to convoy with the next group, like they have mentioned, we are looking at a nice regional war.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'm very disappointed to see how the Turks have apparently decided to play footsie with Hamas. I just can't see them, though, being stupid enough to up the ante like that.