Friday, June 11, 2010

An Independent's Perspective on Fox News Personalities

1) Glenn Beck - Highly conspiratorial/constantly plays the Nazi card, is either crazy....or crazy like a fox (sorry). Needs to determine if he wants to be taken seriously....or if he just wants to go for the ratings. Not even remotely reasonable/fair and balanced......2) Neil Cavuto - A mainstream conservative (economically, anyway - not entirely sure what his views on the social issues/foreign policy are) who comes across reasonably. Treats people who disagree with him well and is eminently watchable......3) Bill O'Reilly - A loose canon who seems to be mellowing. Intermittently sane, intermittently fair and balanced, intermittently charming......4) Sean Hannity - One of the most partisan human beings on the face of the earth. And, yes, folks, a major-league dullard as well (the guy makes Olbermann sound like Alfred North Whitehead)......5) Mike Huckabee - An affable fellow whose motives seem decent. Debates issues civilly and treats his guests fairly. A little too religiously oriented for my taste, though......6) Greta Van Susteren - A person who I suspect is probably apolitical personally, but one who is also very capable of advancing the Fox News agenda. Most of her guests are either Republicans or blue-dog Democrats. A hard one to decipher but basically watchable......7) Shepard Smith - Probably the most respected and likable guy on the entire network. Hard to discern any major bias here. Even the "copy" seems fairer when he's on.

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