Thursday, January 17, 2019

"The Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire Into the Condition of Affairs In the Late Insurrectionary States" On the Testimony of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Others Regarding Reconstruction Rule In Tennessee

"The statements of these former Confederate gentlemen are so full and explicit that comment would only weaken their force. The evidence taken before the committee fully sustains them as to the other States relative to which evidence was heard , and it is only necessary to turn to the records  and official documents of the State of Tennessee to show that all General Forrest said about the alarm which prevailed in Tennessee during the administration of Governor Brownlow was strictly true. No State was ever reduced to such humiliation and degradation as that unhappy commonwealth during the years Brownlow ruled over her.........….as early as 1865 began a series of acts of outlawry and oppression which drove her people almost to desperation; whatever was necessary to maintain in power the Northern men who had sized the reins of government was ordered and executed with a high hand, and, when necessary, at the point of a bayonet...….An act restricting suffrage was passed, which disenfranchised three-fourths of the native population of Middle and West Tennessee; commissioners of registration were appointed and removed at the caprice of the Governor, votes of counties by the dozen were rejected when they did not vote as ordered; acts ratifying the illegal edicts of the Governor were passed by an obsequious legislature; the men who decided who should and who should not vote, who controlled the registration and elections, were the tools of the Governor, when he was himself a candidate...…..The sedition law was revived, freedom of speech and of the press was overthrown, and a militia force was organized, which was responsible to the Governor alone, composed principally of ignorant and debased men (mainly scallywags, carpetbaggers, and freed blacks who were fed a bunch of bullshit), under the lead of the most unscrupulous Yankee partisans, of course."...……...Wow, so when all of those leftist and court historians tried to apply lipstick on the pig of Reconstruction, they weren't just completely full of shit but full of shit according to contemporaneous Northern politicians!! Amazing, huh (and not at all surprising that an outfit such as the KKK came to be)?

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