Wednesday, January 9, 2019

On the Fact that Leftist Race-Hustlers Like Sean King (You Know, the Fellow Who Thinks that Blacks Are so Oppressed that He Tried to Become One) Were All but Creaming Their Undies When They Thought that the Murderer of 7 Year-Old, Jazmine Barnes, Was a White Guy but When it Was Ultimately Determined that the Perp Was a Black Gangbanger, They Lost Their Collective Boner Faster than You Can Say, "Institutional Racism" (Another of Their Favorite Bromides)

As much as they try to push this narrative of rampant white on black violence, the evidence is overwhelming that interracial violence to the degree that it exists in America is predominantly black on white (25 to 1 when you control for population)…….and, while, yes, you can certainly debate as to why this is true, you cannot dispute the essential facts (interracial rape, for instance, is 1,000 to 1) and the more that these imbeciles try to...….Well, I think that you understand.

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