Saturday, January 26, 2019

On that Race-Baiting and Low IQ Piece of Shit, Tim Wise, Arguing that the Vile and Disgusting Statements from that Hate-Group (the SPLC's Assessment, Not Mine - I Just Call Them, Morons), the Black Hebrew Israelites, Were Totally "Irrelevant" and that the Only Real Outrage Was the White Kids Smiling and a Few of Them Doing the Tomahawk-Chop (and, Yes, this Is AFTER the Moron Could Plainly See that it Was the Deranged Native-America Activist Who Had Initiated the Confrontation)

Once the entire video was displayed, those who had jumped the gun and blamed the kids essentially fell into three categories; a) those who had delivered a heart-felt apology, b) those who had delivered a tepid apology (using such mealy-mouthed words as "overheated" or "more complicated"), and c) those who had doubled-down. Let's just say that Wise is solidly in the third category and leave it there.

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