Thursday, January 24, 2019

On the Fact that In the Deranged, Paranoiac, Race-Baiting, and Wholly Ineffectual Mind of CNN's Cartoon Cutout of an Pundit, Angela Rye, it Wasn't Racist for Those Black Hebrew Israelites to Call Those Catholic Youngsters "Dirty-Assed Crackers Whose Day Is Coming", "Dusty-Assed Animals, "Child-Molesting Faggots", and "Future School-Shooters" but it Was Racist for Those Same Youngsters to Wear a Fucking MAGA Hat

CNN had better hope that their ratings stay in the toilet......because that type of vitriol is gonna red-pill a whole lot of folks. If I was them, I would get rid of all of these more inflammatory buffoons and try to amp it down a tad, 'cause this is bad, real bad (implying that 60,000,000 Americans are KKK-level racists, etc.).

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