Thursday, January 17, 2019

On Anderson Cooper Proclaiming that James O'Keefe Took Van Jones Out of Context When Mr. O'Keefe Showed that Video of Jones Saying that the Russian Collusion Story Was a "Big Nothing Burger"

Cooper is either a liar or the shittiest journalist in the country because as anybody with even an ounce of honesty and a half-ounce of gray-matter can inform you, Mr. O'Keefe showed the whole video (not a hard thing in that it was only 15 seconds) and it was crystal-clear what Mr. Jones was asserting (i.e., that the Russian narrative was bullshit and that they were only running with the thing for ratings and to hurt Trump). Luckily for Cooper his audience is largely comprised of uninformed imbeciles and so there probably wasn't much in terms of blowback......but, yeah, in terms of lost credibility, the guy took a hit for sure.

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