Friday, January 18, 2019

On LifeSiteNews Editorial Writer, Stephen Kokx, Proclaiming that the Modern-Day Republican Party (so, No, Not Guys Like Coolidge and Harding Who Actually WERE Free-Marketeers, Save for Tariffs) Fetishizes the Free-Market to a Level Where They Consider it Infallible

Yeah, I almost lost it when I read this; this whole concept of fellows like Bush and McCain being worshippers of the free-market (the fact that they supported Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, the bank bailouts, TARP, the "ownership society", etc., etc.). It's ludicrous and even a guy like Greenspan who at one point WAS a free-marketeer, once he became the FED chairman advocated and put into effect some of the most interventionist policies of the past hundred years (zero interest rates, easy money, etc.). I mean, I get it that the progressives want an even more interventionist approach......and that it all depends on where you're coming from but, damn, this is a bit too far out there for me.

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