Monday, March 28, 2016

On Women's Studies Departments

They have become little more than the institutional wing of a radical special interest advocacy movement/pressure-group in which a) their political views are the cynosure, b) claiming victimhood constantly trumps fact and debate, and c) their scholarly work is pitiful to nonexistent. And I have never seen more intolerant academic milieu EVER; the fact that even moderate and reasonable voices such as Warren Farrell, Janice Fiamengo, and Christina Hoff Sommers get shouted down by these fascistic bastards, the fact that no debate, doubt, or criticism is ever, ever, EVER allowed (never mind encouraged), etc.. Please, please, if your daughter is even thinking about majoring in this bull-crap, try to steer her in a different direction and, yes, use a few "micro-aggressions" if you have to.     

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