Saturday, March 26, 2016

On the Fact that Radical Feminists Seemingly Find it Disrespectful Whenever Someone Demands that Their Logic and Arguments Be Rigorous, that Their Claims Have Accuracy, and that They Show at Least a Semblance of Integrity and Intellectual Honesty

They live in a fantasy land and have done more to dumb down not just academia but public discourse in general than just about any other group that I can conjure up (the fact that they throw around such thoroughly discredited concepts as a Western rape culture, the wage disparity, gender as a social construct, a 21st century repressive patriarchy, etc., the fact that they've invented such infantile on-campus constructs as "safe-spaces", "trigger warnings", etc., the fact that they've contributed to the disgraceful loss of free-speech on many college campuses, etc.).............And, yes, I'm still thinking.

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